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Wisdom: control formatting of all answers to be more Tip like/concise

Be able to add "on backend" custom formatting directions that apply to all users questions (for my Wisdom only) because right NOW the Wisdom output is a wall of text.See: WALL OF TEXT:AFTER: Concise and perfect -> if have formatting directionsThese formatting directions would apply to all questions on my Wisdom (but be on backend so users don't see them) "formatted as tips with bullets, maximum of 150 words, end with statement "see relevant videos below"This makes the Wisdom output much more user friendly, professional and allows us to make more of a 'product' out of our content. Happy to answer all questions.I hope to use Wisdom as an access point to my short How To videos on presentation skills for professionals. The responses need to be more Tips Like and concise.Many thanks!Marsha

MarshaRedmon 18 days ago


Select folders to hide content as references in searchie Wisdom bots/

Basically I want to train my bot on X, Y, and Z folders, but only show references for content in folders X & Y. Because folder Z might be "One on One Calls", for example. I want to train my bot on that content but NOT provide those videos as reference for privacy purposes.Showing references (with timestamps!) is one of the most amazing and unique things that Searchie wisdom does, so investing in more control on this seems really important.As a UX designer, here's my 3 minute mock up. Obviously needs some labeling, but it could be as simple as this. Letting me say "train bot on all of this stuff but don't show the end user QandA videos as references!" would be game-changing. I just need that more granular control!

Sophia Prater 2 days ago